Researcher biography

Tim Barlott is an Associate Lecturer in Occupational Therapy (School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences) and PhD candidate in Sociology (School of Social Sciences) at the University of Queensland. Tim has a background as a community practitioner, educator, and community-based participatory researcher in Canada, Australia, and internationally. His research draws from (critical) social theory and postmodern philosphy to analyse social formations, think critically about marginalisation, and pursue affirmative/disruptive/transformative possibilities. Tim primarily draws on the work of Gilles Deleuze and Felix Guattari to think differently about the experience and process of connectedness, belonging, and participation in society. His PhD research is exploring the transformative potential of freely-given relationships for people diagnosed with a severe mental illness.

PhD project title:

Cartographies of freely-given relationships in mental health

Additional projects in process:

Exploring the micropolitics of professional ethics

Exploring social transformation in mental health occupational therapy

Critical analysis of ICT use by people with intellectual/learning disabilities