Role Description: 
This research area focuses on research that investigates how occupational therapists and other health / educational and human services professionals support children and families at risk due to biological, social and environmental issues.
Group Leader:
Staff Members:
Professor Jenny Ziviani
Dr Jodie Copley
Dr Laura Desha
Dr Pam Meredith
Dr Jill Ashburner, Autism Queensland
Dr Tammy Hoffmann
RHD Candidates:
Ms Nicole Grant
Ms Tracey Fay
Ms Shu Ong
Ms Caitlin Harrington
Ms Na Vu Song
Mrs Tanya Taudevin
Ms Amanda Francis
Ms Benita Powrie
Ms Tegan King
Current Research Activities:
  • Food preferences and family mealtime behaviours in children with Asperger Syndrome (11-15 years) (Shu Ong, Rodger, D’Arcy, White)
  • Adolescents with ASD on the fringe: Attendance, suspension and expulsion impact on adolescents and families (Harrington, Rodger, Ashburner)
  • Decision making regarding interventions for parents of newly diagnosed children with ASD (Rodger, Hoffmann, Grant)
  • Autism in Vietnam: Parents’ and children’s perspectives of living with autism (Rodger, Vu Song, Whittaker)
  • Meaning of home and nurturing family spaces at home for families of children with ASD (Taudevin, Rodger, Bamford, Landorf)