Role Description:

This research group investigates the ways in which psychosocial (e.g., attachment patterns) and sensory factors impact on the physical and mental health and overall well-being and quality of life of adults (including those both with and without specific diagnoses).  A particular interest is in the ways that early childhood experiences impact on development, health and well-being in later life, and the implications  participation, occupational performance, and adjustment to role changes. An intergenerational perspective is taken in which the impact of these factors on parenting and associated child developmental outcomes is considered.

Group Leader:
Team Members:
Academic Staff:
Professor Jenny Ziviani
Dr Asad Khan
Dr Koa Whittingham
Professor Emeritus Jenny Strong (Collaborator)
Dr Anne Poulsen (Collaborator)
Professor Monica Cuskelly (Collaborator)
Professor Robert Maunder (Collaborator)
RHD Graduate & Candidates:
Dr Anna Krpalek
Dr Nicole Andrews
Dr Johanna Lynch
Ms Yulina Riany
Ms Yang Suyi
Ms Cate Sinclair
Ms Grace Branjerdporn
Ms Jacqui Barfoot
Mrs Melanie Hoyle
Mr Karl Bagraith
Mr Geoff Lau
Ms Carla Van Heerden
Key Research Activities: 
  • Integrating attachment and sensory lenses in perinatal health and development (Branjerdporn, Strong, Wilson)
  • The role of the parent-child relationship in supporting child developmental outcomes (Barfoot, Ziviani, Whittingham)
  • Understanding associations between adolescent attachment theory, health, and time use among adolescent university students (Wagner, Krpalek, Meredith, Ziviani)
  • Burnout in occupational therapy practice: Incidence and relationship to professional service provision in private and non-private sectors (Poulsen, Henderson, Castrisos)
  • Associations between adult attachment theory, health and burnout among paediatric occupational therapists (Yu, Seak, Poulsen, Meredith, Henderson, Castrisos)
  • Associations between adult attachment theory, career preferences and work life balance among Australian occupational therapists (Burger, Rowling, Poulsen, Meredith, Henderson, Castrisos)
  • Implications of attachment theory for people in chronic pain (Andrews, Meredith, Strong)
  • Integrating attachment and sensory modulation approaches in adult mental health (Meredith, van Heerden)
  • Sensory processing in intellectual disability (Cullen-Erickson, Cook, Meredith)
  • Understanding the associations between adult attachment, childhood abuse, and worker characteristics in employed and unemployed samples. (Krpalek, Meredith, Ziviani).