Researcher biography

Dr Turpin's research centres on the clinical/professional reasoning of occupational therapists and the subjective experiences of people with disabilities (particularly in the area of Multiple Sclerosis). Dr Turpin has written books and book chapters on occupational therapy models of practice, evidence-based practice, and clinical reasoning, as well as publications on various aspects of people's experience. She specializes in the use of qualitative research methods and has used them to investigate a wide range of experience related to disability, including diagnoses such as MS and Stroke, parenting children with disabilities and medical problems, disability in various cultures, and aspects of refugee settlement in Australia. Dr Turpin has been a teaching and research academic at The University of Queensland since 1992. The connection between theory and practice is central to her research and teaching. As occupational therapists attend to both thinking and experience, they need to use rigorous thinking and a deep understanding of human experience in their practice.