Researcher biography

Andrew's research focusses on how the brain controls posture and movement. This has included studies of sitting, standing, stepping, squatting, pushing and most recently the development of a new method for assessing upright postural control with sudden release of load on the shoulders. Post-doctoral collaborations include projects in the Children's Motor Control Research Collaborative (headed by Dr Leanne Johnston), occupational health, sporting and artistic clinical applications, but the primary focus of his research remains postural control of the trunk. In collaboration forged with colleagues at the Lübeck University, Curtin University and the UQ Schools of ITEE (Dr Pauline Pounds) and SBMS (Dr Kylie Tucker), Andrew's current research pursues two streams of study i) for basic scientific understanding upright postural control, and ii) the contribution of neuromuscular control and other variables affecting idiopathic spinal deformity (scoliosis).