Role Description:
The Paediatric Communication Research Group seeks to undertake, coordinate, and promote research in childhood communication and its disorders. In recent years, there have been important advances in theories and management of speech, language, and literacy development and disorders. Despite these advances, much remains unknown in this field.  The research interests of the group therefore span the development, and disorders, of communication from infancy to adolescence.  
Group Leader:
Group Members:

Dr Wendy Arnott
Dr Nerina Scarinci
Ms Anne Hill
Dr Tanya Rose
Dr Fiona Lewis
Dr Carly Meyer

Research Higher Degree Students

Keely Harper-Hill  PhD
Ennur Erbasi-Yanbay PhD
Christina Knuepffer  PhD
Kristy Nicola PhD

Kirsty MacKensie  MPhil
Rachel Rosh MPil
Tracee Cunningham MPhil

Key Research Activities:
  • Language outcomes following risk-adapted treatments for childhood cancer
  • Investigations of factors that influence language outcomes in galactosaemia
  • Psycholinguistic and neurophysiological investigations into paediatric language & literacy
  • Communication and childhood psychiatric disorders
  • Developmental communication disorders in adults
  • Outcomes for children and their parents/educators following an early language intervention programs
  • Literacy learning failure and academic achievement in adolescence
  • Literacy intervention: Program design, development, and efficacy
  • Speech pathology services and children from culturally and linguistically diverse populations
  • The use of clinical training models in the investigation of speech, language, & literacy intervention practices
  • Current practice issues in the management of autistic spectrum disorder
  • Research in paediatric hearing impairment and auditory processing disorder
  • Research in third-party disability and functioning for children with communication disorders and their family