(Gluteal exercises for Hip OSTeoarthritis)

The University of Queensland is undertaking research on exercise treatment for hip osteoarthritis (OA). Hip OA is a common condition causing hip pain and affecting their ability to work and be active in sport and recreation. Current rehabilitation strategies have not proven to be very effective.

  • Have you been diagnosed with mild to moderate hip osteoarthritis?

  • Can you still walk a city block?

  • Can you run 5 meters?

If you answered yes, you may be eligible for a


Study Aims:

Our team has developed an exercise program that targets the muscles that are weak in people with this condition. We aim to investigate the effectiveness of this exercise program for improving pain, function, and quality of life in people with this condition.

Are you eligible for this study?

To be eligible for this study;

  • You are 35 years or over
  • You have had hip or groin pain for more than 3 months
  • You have pain while walking, climbing stairs or getting in or out of a car
  • You have had an x-ray confirming hip joint osteoarthritis.

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Dr Adam Semciw
Phone: (07) 3365 4592
Twitter: @ASemciw