About Management of cervical disorders course

This course presents the management of cervical disorders with emphasis on therapeutic exercise. An overview of the research into the nature of dysfunction in neuromuscular and sensorimotor control that may occur with neck will be provided which informs a therapeutic exercise approach.

The course has principally a practical emphasis and will explore in detail, the assessment and management strategies for cervical neuromuscular and somatosensory dysfunction. Incorporation of other management techniques such as manual therapy with the exercise program in a multimodal approach to the management of cervical disorders will also be explored.

The course will have a high practical component and plenty of take home messages for immediate use for physiotherapists in their clinical practice. 

The course will be presented by Professor Gwendolen Jull, Dr Julia TreleavenDr Lucy Thomas all of whom are highly experienced in cervical spine clinical research, undergraduate and postgraduate education and clinical practice).


Rm 312, Therapies Building (84a), UQ St Lucia