About Visiting Professor Marian Brady

About Professor Marian Brady: 

Marian currently directs a programme of work on stroke rehabilitation in the CSO funded Nursing, Midwifery and Allied Health Professions Research Unit, which specialises in the development, conduct and delivery of high quality evidence relating to the effectiveness of stroke rehabilitation interventions. Her research interests include basic care issues (e.g. incontinence, oral health care), therapeutic interventions (e.g. speech and language therapy for people with aphasia) and interventions that address the needs of stroke survivors as they adapt to life after stroke (e.g. returning to work, psychosocial issues). Methodologically she has expertise in the design, development and evaluation of complex multidisciplinary interventions, survey, mixed methods, systematic review, meta-analyses and the use of trial archives such as VISTA-Rehab. Her research strives to impact upon stroke care and so she works closely with stroke survivors, their carers, multidisciplinary stroke care teams and NHS and academic partners across the UK and internationally. 


The University of Queensland, St Lucia
623, Therapies Building (84)