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If you have previously studied at university-level and believe your past courses contain similar material to courses in your current program, you may apply for credit. A minimum grade of 4 is required for courses to be credited. Credit or exemption from part of a course will not be approved.

Applications for credit for courses not studied at UQ will need to include: 

  • a detailed course outline so that the content can be examined.
  • an official transcript of results. 

For applications for credit for courses studied at UQ an unofficial studies report will suffice.

Please note that you are not permitted to enrol for Schedule courses from a later year of the program until all courses of the preceding year have been successfully completed (e.g. Year 2 courses may not be studied in Year 1).

Physiotherapy and Speech Pathology maximums

For students commencing the Bachelor of Physiotherapy or Bachelor of Speech Pathology, a maximum of 2 units may be credited towards an elective course. These electives are offered in Year 2 (BPhty) and Year 4 (BSpPath).

These applications will only be processed in Years 2 or 4 respectively.

Outcome advice

You will be advised by email to your student email address if your application is granted or denied. Approved credit will be noted on your Studies Report in mySI-net.

If credit is approved

Make sure you drop any course(s) for which you receive credit using mySI-net before the relevant census date. 

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