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Interprofessional Introduction to Clinical Education workshops

The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) offers an introductory workshop in an interprofessional format developed in response to the identified needs of new clinical educators. The workshop is suitable for new educators currently engaged in or seeking to engage in the supervision of SHRS students or those who have not received any introductory education from previous workshops offered by the University of Queensland.

 Examples of learning topics explored within the workshops include:

  • Principles of adult learning
  • Influences on learning
  • Practical tools for engaging students in the learning environment and process
  • How to provide constructive feedback for student learning and
  • Approaches for dealing with challenging student issues that may arise on placement


  • Wednesday 19 June 2024 (9am–4pm). Delivered in-person at St Lucia campus only.
    This workshop is now at capacity, please contact if you would like to go on a waiting list.

*Registration opens 3 months before workshop

Profession specific workshops

Each profession in SHRS offers workshops for clinical educators to provide information regarding the use and application of the specific assessment tools used to measure student performance on placement.

Profession specific workshops are usually held the day immediately following the Interprofessional Introduction to Clinical Education Workshop.

These workshops will be held on UQ's St Lucia campus.

Occupational therapy profession specific workshops:

Includes rating student performance using the Student Placement Evaluation Form - Revised (SPEF-R2) and facilitating student learning and clinical reasoning.


Physiotherapy profession specific workshops:

Includes rating student performance using the Assessment of Physiotherapy Practice (APP) instrument and assessing student performance.


  • Tuesday 9 July 2024 (9am – 3pm) - Delivered in person at ACU campus.
    If you would like to register for the workshop or have any questions please contact Julie Gauchwin (

Speech pathology profession specific workshops:

Includes the use of COMPASS for student evaluation, development and overview of the COMPASS assessment tool, and practical experience in marking COMPASS.


*Registration opens 3 months before workshop

Interprofessional advanced workshops

These workshops are aimed at experienced clinical educators who are familiar with foundational principles of adult learning, facilitation of learning techniques and effective communication skills including the provision of feedback.

These workshops are held on UQ's St Lucia campus. You may elect to attend the morning or afternoon session only or the entire day.

Facilitating clinical reasoning in professional practice:

  • The importance of clinical reasoning to learner success
  • The characteristics of clinical reasoning processes in the health professions
  • Processes for facilitating student clinical reasoning on placement
  • Ways to implement the processes in collaboration with the student 

*Registration opens 3 months before workshop

Facilitating solutions to challenges in learning:

  • Identifying a range of learning challenges - recognising the signs
  • Acknowledging common challenges in clinical education
    • Cultural and Linguistic Diversity (CALD)
    • Cognitive processing /skill development - not progressing towards the required standard
    • Learners with special considerations
  • Resources and tools to manage a range of challenges

*Registration opens 3 months before workshop

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 Webinar Sessions

Please check back in for webinar sessions in the future.

Additional workshops

If you have a University of Queensland Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, Speech Pathology or Audiology student coming to your service/organisation on placement and require additional training outside of this scope of the above training resources, please contact the CEU on