The Clinical Educator’s Journey is an online course for practitioners supporting work integrated learning opportunities for students on placement.

This course is the latest development by The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) to encourage participants who seek alternate options to accessing the face to face clinical education workshops offered throughout the year.

We recognise the complexities of attending training and the potential limitations workplaces may experience to have staff attend in person. We invite participants to engage with this learning at their own pace.

Course modules

Participants are taken on a journey through the different stages of supporting students on their placements. We offer a mix of content supported by evidence, activities reflections and further reading.

There are four modules in the course:

  1. Preparing for the Journey
  2. The Journey Begins
  3. Guiding the Student on the Learning Journey
  4. Challenges Along the Way

Each module allows participants to check their knowledge as they move through the course.

Upon completion of the course participants can request a certificate. 

Who should participate

If you are thinking about taking students, new to clinical education or seeking a refresher of the fundamentals in supporting students on placements and would like to participate, please register your interest and a member of the Clinical Education Unit (CEU) will be in touch.

Register your interest

Registration is free.


Have questions?

For more information please contact the Clinical Education Unit.