Active Communication Education

Hearing loss has serious negative consequences for the person with the hearing loss and for those around them. It is associated with social isolation, withdrawal, poor quality of life, and depression. The Active Communication Education (ACE) Program was developed to help adults with hearing loss to become more effective communicators and to provide them with strategies to cope better in everyday life. It is a rehabilitation option for adults with hearing loss who do not want to wear hearing aids or who want more than hearing aids can provide.

ACE was evaluated with 178 older people with hearing loss and their significant others and the results of the evaluation are outlined in the Introduction section of the ACE booklet, which can be downloaded from this webpage. Although originally designed and evaluated with older adults in mind, the program could also be used with adults of all ages.

We are confident that both clients and clinicians will find the ACE program a rewarding experience. ACE is informative and fun – and the evidence shows that it does make a positive difference to the lives of older people with hearing loss. The ACE Group Program outlines all information and handouts. You can also see examples of how the ACE activities can be run by watching the video below.

An individualized home based ACE program has also been developed, called I-ACE, and it can be downloaded here.  

For more information about the ACE Program, please contact the co-directors of the CDC, Louise Hickson and Linda Worrall.


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