The Active Communication Education (ACE) Program helps adults with hearing loss become more effective communicators and provides them with strategies to cope better in everyday life.

It is a rehabilitation option for adults with hearing loss who don't want to wear hearing aids or who want more than hearing aids can provide.  The ACE program was developed at the University of Queensland by Professor Louise Hickson AM, Emeritus Professor Linda Worrall AM and Associate Professor Nerina Scarinci.

ACE is informative and fun.  The evidence shows that it makes a positive difference to the lives of older people with hearing loss.  ACE was evaluated with 178 older people with hearing loss and their significant others. Learn more about the evaluation.  Although it was originally designed and evaluated with older adults in mind, the program can be used with adults of all ages.  Download the ACE Group Program (PDF, 9.5 MB) for information and handouts. 

You can watch examples of how to run ACE activities in the video (YouTube 41:18)

We offer the ACE program through the UQ Audiology Clinic or you can contact your audiologist for more information.  It is available in Spanish and German versions.

The I-ACE program

Individualised active communication (I-ACE) is an individualised home-based ACE program.  It is another clinical option for adults with hearing impairment to improve problem-solving and self-management. Download the  I-ACE Facilitator Guide (PDF, 1.5 MB).

You can find a summary of the outcomes of 23 hearing impaired participants in the I-ACE program in the article: Individualised active communication education (A-ICE)  (PDF, 1.7 MB) in the International Journal of Audiology. 

ACE program