Role Description:
Acquired brain injury (ABI) resulting from CVA, trauma, or other neurological impairments is a major cause of activity limitation and participation restriction in young people. Our research aims to investigate rehabilitation issues relevant to occupational therapy practice, the multidisciplinary team and policy makers to enhance outcomes for this group. This includes research on occupational performance, psychosocial adjustment, and outcomes for individuals with ABI and their families across the continuum of care from acute hospitalisation, rehabilitation, and community reintegration.
Group leaders:

Professor Jennifer Fleming
Associate Professor Louise Gustafsson

Team Members:
SHRS Collaborators:
Dr Sally Bennett (OT)
Dr Emmah Doig (OT)
Dr Merrill Turpin (OT)
Dr Pam Meredith (OT)
Dr Jodie Copley (OT)
Professor Jenny Strong (OT)
Professor Linda Worrall (SP)
Professor Sandra Brauer (PT)
Dr Emma Finch (SP) 
Associated group members:
Petrea Cornwell (Griffith University)
Michele Foster (Social work)
Sean Tweedy (HMNS)
Tamara Ownsworth (Griffith University)
David Shum (Griffith University)
RHD Candidates:

Emily Nalder
Deborah McIntyre
Hannah Gill
Julia Schmidt
Ros Harrington
Freyr Patterson
Amanda Francis
Kylie Bower
Melanie Hoyle
Sue Doyle
Phyllis Laing

Key Research Activities:
  • Transition from hospital to home following ABI
  • Upper limb management after stroke
  • Clinical decision making and clinical prediction in upper limb hypertonicity management
  • Performance-based assessment in upper limb hypertonicity management
  • Effectiveness of hand splinting for upper limb hypertonicity
  • Metacognition and self-awareness of disability
  • Prospective memory rehabilitation for people with ABI
  • Community integration and community-based rehabilitation
  • Life time care and support for people with traumatic brain injury
  • Goal setting and goal-directed therapy
  • Pathways and choices for young people with high care needs
  • Cognitive impairment and fatigue in people with multiple sclerosis
  • Returning to work after stroke
  • Processes of participation of people with TBI in therapy groups