The Telerehabilitation RET is an interdisciplinary group of clinical, research, and education pioneers of technology-enabled health delivery.

We represent all SHRS disciplines: audiology, occupational therapy, physiotherapy and speech pathology. Our collaborative work aims to remove barriers to accessing healthcare and to optimise models of care for people with challenges affecting communication, movement and participation. Our research establishes the technical efficacy, diagnostic accuracy, therapeutic outcomes and societal impact of Telerehabilitation. We support and promote strategic initiatives in Teaching and Learning through the translation of our research, in order to ensure a technology-enabled health workforce.


  • Our group is nationally and internationally recognised for impact through its technology development, research publications, policy influence, research translation, workforce training and teaching.
  • Research has demonstrated the many benefits of Telerehabilitation including improved and timely access to rehabilitation services; access to more specialised services close to home; cost savings for both clients and service providers; and a reduced carbon footprint associated with travel to health services.
  • Our research has directly translated into clinical practice through the establishment of Telerehabilitation services like the University of Queensland’s Telerehabilitation Clinic, as well as services in external organisations such as Queensland Health.
  • Our research has also translated into workforce training programs for current and future health professionals, such as the University of Queensland’s Telerehabilitation Clinic and new Digital Health Curriculum.

Our research in action

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Telehealth for Spinal Pain - UQ's CRE Telehealth

Telehealth for Speech Therapy - UQ's CRE Telehealth

Telehealth for Psychology

Staff overview

Chair: Trevor Russell, Professor in Physiotherapy

Deputy Chair: Annie Hill, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Speech Pathology


Academic and Research staff

Tammy Aplin, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Sally Bennett, Associate Professor in Occupational Therapy

Yaheli Bet-Or, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Andrew Claus, Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Robyn Choi, Casual Academic

Anna Copley , Lecturer in Speech Pathology

Elise Gane, Conjoint Research Fellow in Physiotherapy

Sjaan Gomersall, Senior Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Hannah Gullo, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Caitlin Hamilton, Research Officer

Louise Hickson, Associate Dean External Engagement, Faculty of Health and Behavioural Sciences

Julie MacDonald, Associate Lecturer in Physiotherapy

Allison Mandrusiak, Senior Lecturer

Cathy McBryde, Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Shaun O'Leary, Senior Research Fellow in Physiotherapy

Freyr Patterson, Associate Lecturer in Occupational Therapy

Adriana Penman, Lecturer in Speech Pathology

Tanya Rose, Senior Lecturer in Speech Pathology

Anna Rumbach, Senior Lecturer in Speech Pathology

Nerina Scarinci, Head of Speech Pathology

Dion Scott, Principal Scientific Officer

Deborah Theodoros , Director, Recover Injury Research Centre

Bill Vicenzino, Chair of Sports Physiotherapy

Monique Waite, Postdoctoral Research Fellow in Speech Pathology

Elizabeth Ward, Conjoint Professor

Jenny Ziviani, Professor Occupational Therapy

Clinic Staff

Karen Groves, Clinical Educator in Physiotherapy

Amy Fagan, Clinical Operations Manager

Andrea Whitehead, Clinical Manager Telerehabilitation Clinic

Research projects

Project Title

Funding body


The efficacy of telerehabilitation compared with centre-based community rehabilitation on time spent physically active in people with stroke: a pilot randomized controlled trial


Health Practitioner Research Grant.


Ingrid Rosbergen, Rohan Grimley, Trevor Russell, Sandy Brauer, John Endacott, Norbert Greveling, Christine Tracey, Tracy Comans.


Technology versus tradition: a non-inferiority trial comparing video to face-to-face consultations with a physiotherapist for people with knee osteoarthritis

NHMRC Project Grant

Rana Hinman, Trevor Russell, Nadine Foster, Jessica Kasza, Anthony Harris

Development of an active video game for the long-term maintenance of exercise in people with COPD

Metro North Hospital and Health Service

Trevor Russell, Nicole Hartley, Allison Mandrusiak

Implementing the Tailored Activity Program for people with dementia and their family living at home: i-TAP (Australia)

NHMRC Boosting Dementia Research Grants

Sally Bennett, Brenda Gannon, Trevor Russell

CyFiT Telehealth: web-based data management and clinical support system

Australian Cystic Fibrosis Research Trust

Trevor Russell, Leanne Johnston

Predictors of home telehealth adoption in the aging population: Consumer perspectives

NHMRC Project Grant

Trevor Russell, Nicole Gillespie, Nicole Hartley,

Deborah Theodoros, Annie Hill, Len Gray

Exploring the Value of Telehealth in Primary Care: A Controlled Trial within the Royal Flying Doctor Service

NHMRC Partnership Projects

Len Gray, Anthony Smith, Elaine Pascoe, Geoff Mitchell, Trevor Russell, Nicole Gillespie

Early Years Behaviour Support Project


CRC for Living with Autism Spectrum Disorders (Autism CRC Limited)

Trevor Russell

The Centre of Excellence in Telehealth

NHMRC Centres of Research Excellence

Len Gray, Deborah Theodoros, Anthony Smith, Trevor Russell, Peter Soyer, Nicole Gillespie


QGC Pty Limited

Anthony Smith, Liam Caffery, Danette Langbecker, Deborah Theodoros,

A Telehealth Framework for BushKids

Royal Queensland Bush Children’s Health Scheme

Deborah Theodoros, Trevor Russell, Jessica Campbell

Enabling equal access using e-health



Louise Hickson, Carly Meyer, Monique Waite, Nerina Scarinci, Bob Cowan, Caitlin Barr, Katie Ekberg, Deborah Theodoros, Annie Hill, Asad Khan

Hear and Say Telepractice: Equity and access for all North Queensland children with hearing loss

E Robert Hayles & Alison L Hayles Charitable Fund

Emma Rushbrooke, Monique Waite

Implementing a novel language treatment for Cognitive-Communication Disorders: Perspectives of key stakeholders

Speech Pathology Australia

Anna Copley

"MyBackPain": An innovative consumer focused website for low back pain


Medibank Private Limited

Paul Hodges, Jenny Setchell, Bill Vicenzino

Development and evaluation of an asynchronous telepractice application to improve the efficiency and effectiveness of vocal rehabilitation

UQ Early Career Researcher

Anna Rumbach

HDR students




Project title

Chloe Bryant 


Prof Louise Gustaffsson, Dr Tammy Aplin

The role of occupational therapy in returning to intimacy after a spinal cord injury

Jessica Campbell 


Prof Deborah Theodoros, Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Nicole Hartley, Prof Nicole Gillespie

A Telehealth Framework for BushKids

Salma Charania


Dr Anna Rumbach, Dr Peter Cornwell, Dr Rebecca Nund

Living with the effects of MND: the impacts of communication disorders on the person with MND and their carers

Michelle Cottrell


Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Shaun O’Leary, Dr Annie Hill,  DrTracy Comans

Evaluating the impact of a telerehabilitation model of care in an orthopedic screening and multidisciplinary service

Jenniffer Garcia 


A/Prof Jodie Copley, Dr Merrill Turpin, A/Prof Sally Bennett

Improving quality of occupational therapy practice in Chile by building reasoning and research capacity of Chilean occupational therapist

Emily Girvan


Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Nicole Hartley, A/Prof Melissa Kendall

Telerehabilitation: A novel transitional rehabilitation program for people with spinal cord injuries

Patricia Govender


Dr Brooke Ryan, Dr Emma Finch

Impact of the Action Success Knowledge (ASK) program on the psychological well-being and quality of life of people with mild aphasia

Ray Lang


Dr Leanne Johnston, Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Kellie Anne Stockton

A telerehabiliation approach to outpatient management of children with cystic fibrosis

Zhiqi Liang 


Dr Julia Treleaven, Dr Lucy Thomas, EmPr Gwendolen Jull

Sensorimotor and somatosensory differences amongst patients with different headache forms and neck pain.

Chelsea Mobbs


Dr Leanne Johnston, Dr Alicia Spittle

PRE-EMPT(PREterm Early intervention for Motor outcomes Physiotherapy Treatment):The effectiveness of community physiotherapy intervention for preterm infants at risk of neurodevelopmental delay and cerebral palsy

Perrin Moss 


Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Nicole Hartley, Prof Jenny Ziviani

Telementoring:  A realist evaluation of Project ECHO? in the delivery of health services in Queensland

Mark Nelson 


Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Michael Bourke, Prof Kay Crossley

Investigation of the timing and type of rehabilitation post total hip arthroplasty (THA)

Leana Nichol  


Dr Annie Hill, Dr Amy Rodriguez, Dr Sarah Wallace

Technology enabled self management of aphasia: when, how and what works

Joshua Simmich 


Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Nicole Hartley, Dr Allison Mandrusiak, Prof Stuart Smith

The use of active video games for maintaining a physically active lifestyle in chronic obstructive pulmonary disease

Megan Swales


Prof Deborah Theodoros, Prof Trevor Russell, Dr Annie Hill

The Assessment and Management of Cognitive-Linguistic Impairments in Parkinson's Disease via Telepractice

Felipe Retamal Walter 


Dr Monique Waite, A/Prof Nerina Scarinci

Optimising families? preparedness to use eHealth in early intervention for children who are deaf or hard of hearing.

Yanfei Xie  


A/Prof Venerina Johnston, Dr Lucy Thomas, Dr Brooke Coombes

Characterization of muscle, sensory, and psychosocial features of idiopathic neck pain among sonographers

Featured publications

Name of Publication


Clinical and quality of life outcomes of speech treatment for Parkinson’s disease delivered to the home via telerehabilitation: a noninferiority randomized controlled trial. American Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 25 2: 214-232. (2016)

Deborah Theodoros, Anne J. Hill, Trevor Russell

Real-time telerehabilitation for the treatment of musculoskeletal conditions is effective and comparable to standard practice: A systematic review and meta-analysis. Clinical Rehabilitation, 31 (5) 625-638. (2016)

Michelle Cottrell, Olivia Galea, Shaun O’Leary, Anne J. Hill, Trevor Russell

Exploring the predictors of home telehealth uptake by elderly Australian healthcare consumers. Journal of Telemedicine and Telecare, 21: 485-489. (2017)


Trevor Russell, Nicole Gillespie, Nicole Hartley, Deborah Theodoros, Anne J. Hill, Len Gray

Home-based telerehabilitation is not inferior to a centre-based program in patients with chronic heart failure: a randomised trial. Journal of Physiotherapy, 63 2: 101-107. (2017)

Rita Hwang, Jared Bruning, Morris Norman, Allison MandrusiakTrevor Russell

Technology-enabled management of communication and swallowing disorders in Parkinson's disease: a systematic scoping review

International journal of language & communication disorders, 54 (2) 170-188. (2019)

Deborah Theodoros, Danielle Aldridge, Anne J. Hill, Trevor Russell

Delivering group speech maintenance therapy via telerehabilitation to people with Parkinson’s disease: A pilot study International Journal of Speech-Language Pathology, 1-10. (2018)

Rachel Quinn, Stacie Park, Deborah Theodoros, Anne J. Hill

Cost analysis of a speech pathology synchronous telepractice service for patients with head and neck cancer, Head & Neck, 39 12: 2470-2480. (2017)

Clare Burns, Sanjeewa Kularatna, Elizebth C. Ward, Anne J. Hill, Joshua Byrnes, Lizbeth M. Kenny

Internet-based telehealth assessment of language using the CELF-4, Language, Speech, and Hearing Services in Schools, 41 4: 445-458. (2010)

Monique Waite, Deborah Theodoros, Trevor Russell, Louise M. Cahill

Awards and recognition

The translational impact of this team has been recognised by the ARC’s Engagement and Impact Assessment 2018, with their impact study “Taking translational telerehabilitation research to where it’s needed” receiving the highest possible rating.

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  • Professor Trevor Russell

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