The School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences (SHRS) wishes you every success with your studies.

Please find below information and resources which will assist you throughout your program.

The Schools Student and Academic Support Unit (SASU) is here to support and assist you during your program and provides the following services to students:

  • General enquiries on all aspects of your study
  • Monitors enrolment
  • Assists with changes to enrolment, such as intermission, modified programs
  • Assists with timetabling issues
  • Equipment hire
  • Submission and collection of hardcopy assignments
  • Monitor and collection of program requirement documentation
  • Assists with professional registration

my.UQ student portal

my.UQ is your one-stop-shop for information and services throughout your study at UQ. It brings together all the online resources students use at UQ on one dashboard. From here you can:

  • access systems; such as student email, Learn.UQ (Blackboard), InPlace, and mySI-net
  • access information; such as assessment and examinations, progress and results, integrity and conduct, complaints and appeals, etc.

Program requirements

Throughout your program, you will participate in fieldwork, observation, and placement activities where you will have contact with the general public, work in healthcare facilities, and treat patients. Therefore, it is important to keep up to date with your program requirements, such as immunisations, Blue Card, etc.

The program forms and advice page contains full details of program requirements.

Academic Integrity

Academic Integrity

All students have a responsibility to maintain the highest standards of academic integrity in their work. Academic misconduct is a disciplinary offence at UQ, which includes, but is not limited to, cheating, collusion, plagiarism, and falsifying documents.

The Academic Integrity Tutorial (AIT) will enable you to uphold academic integrity throughout your studies at UQ and beyond. All students are expected to complete the module, and some course coordinators may require you to complete the module as part of your assessment.

Students are also encouraged to read the UQ Student Integrity and Misconduct Policy which makes a comprehensive statement about the University's approach to plagiarism, including the approved use of plagiarism detection software, the consequences of plagiarism, and the principles associated with preventing plagiarism.

Further information can also be found at my.UQ.

Clinical placements

All students will undertake supervised clinical practice in a range of settings that includes hospitals, educational facilities, other health care organisations, private practices, and UQ's internal clinics. During placements, you will have the opportunity to apply theoretical knowledge acquired through coursework and research to practice and develop clinical skills in real life settings.

A variety of sessional practical experiences and full-time block placements will be undertaken during your program, you may be required to undertake clinical placements outside of the Brisbane metropolitan area. Students are required to fund any travel, accommodation, and daily living expenses arising from clinical placement activities.

Students are eligible to apply for a tertiary concession sticker for their current student ID if travelling to regional Queensland for placement. Further details can be found here.

Clinical placements are organised by the SHRS Clinical Education Unit (CEU), whose contact details are as follows:

P: (07) 336 54506
A: Level 4, Seddon Central (building 82B), St Lucia campus


Electronic course profiles contain all the information you need to know about a course, including the aims and objectives and associated learning and assessment activities. They are available online when classes begin. You can find them by searching for your course on the courses and programs website. Once you have enrolled in a course you will also have access to the full course profile in mySI-net.

Other useful links are as follows:


Occupational Therapy, Physiotherapy, and Speech Pathology students are required to wear a uniform for clinical activities. The uniform consists of a custom made polo shirt and/or tailored shirt to be worn with tailored trousers in navy blue or black with enclosed footwear. In winter, a uniform style cardigan or sleeveless vest may also be worn. Please note that these should be neatly fitting to avoid interference during treatment sessions. Student ID cards are also required.

Physiotherapy students are required to wear suitable clothing during their practical classes, for example, shorts, running shorts, t-shirt (men), singlet or halter neck sports top (women). Student ID cards are also required.

Occupational health and safety requirements

Staff and students have a responsibility to abide by policies within occupational health and safety (OHS). Information about OHS requirements can be found on the Occupational Health and Safety website.

All UQ students must complete relevant workplace health and safety training modules.  These modules are accessed via UQ Workplace Inductions and OHS Training under the Training Course section of Blackboard. All students within the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences must complete the training modules which are noted as ‘Mandatory for all UQ Workers”. Students may be considered to be carrying out work as a ‘worker’, for example completing special projects or research in a work type environment (e.g. research laboratory; work experience; volunteering on field trips; vacation scholars etc).

Staff and students are required to report all near misses, incidents and injuries through UQ’s OHS Incident Reporting Database, including those that occur at a non-UQ workplace. The procedure to report an incident while on placement at a non-UQ site is provided here (PDF, 57KB).

Support services

There are a number of support services available to you throughout your study, such as:

  • Student Services: provides a range of support services to students, including learning support, counselling, disability support services, etc.
  • Student Centres:  your one-stop-shop for all student administration and general enquiries relating to UQ, such as payment of fees, traffic and parking, student visas, etc. A Justice of the Peace (JP) is also available to certify documents.
  • UQ Health Care: an accredited, general practice providing comprehensive health services to students of UQ.
  • Student union: student life
  • IT services: provides network, internet and IT support

Overseas professional registration

If you want to work overseas after graduating, SASU can assist you with the compilation of your academic information and clinical placements for professional registration with overseas bodies or boards. It is the student’s responsibility to identify the minimum requirements for overseas registration boards and provide SASU with a list of documents to be prepared by the university.


Students are covered by various University insurance policies while undertaking approved UQ activities.

Clinical placements and fieldwork

Students undertaking an activity as a compulsory requirement of their course or program are automatically covered by UQ insurance, and further details can be found here.

Making a claim: please report any incidents immediately to the SHRS Clinical Education Unit at

Work experience

Students undertaking unpaid work experience, a non-compulsory but relevant activity for their course or program, are not automatically covered by UQ insurance. Please contact SASU at for further information.


Automatic travel insurance coverage applies to currently enrolled UQ students undertaking a journey within Australia – which is more than 50km from their normal place of residence or business premises – and is either:

  1. Approved University travel as per 1.90.01 University Travel Management Policy and Procedures; or
  2. Approved work off campus as per 2.30.09 Work Off-Campus Policy and Procedures.

To be covered while undertaking University-approved overseas travel, students must:

  1. Complete a Travel Notification Form, and  
  2. Complete the International Student Placement Form. (Under section 2: International Student Placements)

Submit your Travel Notification Form and Travel Checklist to These details will be passed on to the UQ's Insurance Office and you will receive a Travel Notification Number.

Making a claim: please report any incidents immediately to the SHRS Clinical Education Unit at A Travel Insurance Claim Form is to be completed and submitted to Insurance Services within 30 days of the occurrence/event, along with relevant supporting documentation.


Student and Academic Support Unit
Level 3, Therapies Annexe (building 84A), St Lucia campus
Phone: (07) 3365 4506