A service of the Cervical Spine and Whiplash Research Unit

The Whiplash Assessment Clinic within Physiotherapy provides a physical diagnostic service and treatment recommendations to persons with symptoms following a whiplash injury and their treating physiotherapist and medical officer.

Unit and Clinic Director: Professor Gwendolen Jull

Clinic Manager: Dr. Julia Treleaven

The Whiplash Assessment Clinic provides an assessment service to individuals with persistent symptoms following a whiplash injury. The purpose of the assessment is to determine the precise nature of the physical impairments in the joints, muscle and nervous systems present in the neck region.

Specialist assessments are undertaken of pain and physical impairments which are unable to be conducted in normal clinical practice. Measurements include multi-channel EMG to measure muscle response to various physical tests, sensory measures (eg pressure algometry, thermal pain thresholds, sympathetic nervous system reflex), 3D movement analysis of the neck, measures of head movement and position sense, balance, eye/head coordination and muscle stability capacity.
The results of these tests assist in formulating best practice management advice and a report is provided to the client, the treating physiotherapist and medical officers as a basis for the future treatment decisions. When the assessment has been funded by an Insurance company, a report is also sent to the Insurer.
Referral to the Clinic

The clinic receives referrals from physiotherapists, medical practitioners and third party insurers. A letter outlining the client’s condition and treatment to date, accompany the referral is requested from referring medical officers and physiotherapists.

In relation to third party insurance claims, approval for the assessment must be gained from the Insurer prior to the assessment for the Insurer to fund the assessment.


The clinic operates between 8.30am and 2.30pm, Mondays and Wednesdays. Appointments may be made by telephoning the clinic on: Tel (07) 3365 4568. If no answer, please leave a message and return phone numbers.

Three (3) hours should be allowed for the assessments.


The fee for assessment and report is $893.00. The Insurer will be billed directly by the unit in cases where prior approval has been obtained. Clients not covered by insurance will be required to pay the fee by cash or cheque at the time of assessment.

The referring physiotherapist or medical practitioner must have obtained an approval to pay from the relevant insurance company. In the event that an approval to pay has not been received or the client is not involved in a third party claim, the cost of the assessment must be worn by the client.

The RECOVER Injury Research Centre, which conducts research on whiplash associated disorders, can be visited here.