The purpose of the research is to gain a better understanding of how overnight sleep can influence learning new words.


We are looking for healthy adults aged between 60-85 years who can speak, read, and write English fluently.

What does it involve?

The study will involve attending three testing sessions at The University of Queensland that will last approximately 1-1.5 hours each in duration, over a period of approximately 24 hours. The sessions will be either in the morning or the evening. These sessions will involve completing some computerised language learning and memory tasks, and sleep-related questionnaires. You will also be asked to wear a movement sensor, an Actigraph accelerometer during your participation.

Please see our participant information sheet for more details about what this study will involve.

How will this research benefit me?

Participation in this research will not directly benefit you, however, you will have the chance to win one of two $100 Coles-Myer gift cards in a random prize draw. The major benefit of participating in this research will be in helping contribute to the understanding of how sleep can influence learning new words.

If you wish to participate in this research project, please complete our eligibility survey.

Eligibility Survey

Project members

For more information, please contact:

Miss Emma Schimke

Casual Academic SPCH RA & Casual Academic SPCH SW & Casual Academic IPIC RD & Casual Academic CE SPCH KB
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences