Role Description:

We are undertaking research looking at the causes of hip and groin pain in soccer players.  It is known that soccer players will often develop a condition in the hip joint known as femoroacetabular impingement or FAI.  FAI is caused by abnormal bone formation within the hip joint.  This condition is known to play a role in the development of hip and groin pain and also cause early hip arthritis.

Team Member:

Dr Adam Semciw

PHD Candidate:

Pete Lawrenson

Research Assistant:

Kate Croft

Key activities:

This study is aiming to

(i) evaluate changes in hip joint structure over 2 years; and
(ii) determine if factors such as hip joint force, hip muscle strength and hip joint range predict worsening of hip structure over 2 years in people with FAI.

Findings from this study may help to develop targeted intervention strategies for managing this condition in the future.

To be eligible for involvement in this research project you need to be:

  • Male or female aged between 18-50
  • Currently playing soccer at any level within Queensland
  • Have had groin or hip pain for at least six months

Click here for further information on the trial. To express your interest in the trial, click here or contact us on the details below:


Ph: 0424 449 574