Role Description:
The research in this area is concerned with the development of systems to provide support for evidence-based practice and knowledge translation in occupational therapy and allied health in general, strategies for research translation, and providing methodological support for systematic reviews.
Group Leader:

Sally Bennett

Team Members:
Academic Staff: 
Dr Sally Bennett
Dr Jenny Flemming
Dr Merrill Turpin
Professor Tammy Hoffmann (Centre for research in Evidence Based Practice (CREBP) Bond University)
Professor Chris Del Mar (CREBP, Bond University)
Elaine Bellar (CREBP, Bond University)
Dr Annie McCluskey: University of Sydney
Associate Professor Leigh Tooth: School of Population Health, University of Queensland
PEDro team: The George Institute, Sydney
PsycBITE team: The University of Sydney
speechBITE team: The University of Sydney
Dr Sally Eames
Ms Mary Whitehead (Occupational Therapy Department, Princess Alexandra Hospital)
Dr Shelley Allen
RHD Candidate:
Sue Doyle
Geoff Lau
Major Research Projects:
  1. Building capacity for knowledge translation; This includes research about changing organisational cultures to be inclusive of knowledge translation activities and teaching and mentoring a range of knowledge translation projects
  2.  OTseeker database: - (Occupational Therapy Systematic Evaluation of Evidence) is a bibliographic database of systematic reviews and critically appraised randomised controlled trials relevant to occupational therapy. The website contains resources for injury management and general resources about evidence-based practice.
  3. Evaluation of methods for implementing evidence-based practice
  4. Teaching evidence-based practice across allied health – 3rd edition of the textbook Evidence-Based Practice Across the Health Professions is in progress. Edited by Professor Tammy Hoffmann, Associate Professor Sally Bennett and Prof Chris Del Mar is being published by Elsevier. In addition research about teaching EBP has been undertaken by this group.

In addition, this research team provides support for undertaking systematic reviews.

Systematic review topics currently underway or concluded include:

  • Occupational therapy for people with dementia in the community
  • Education for management of cancer related fatigue
  • Cognitive rehabilitation post stroke
  • Interventions for sensory impairment post stroke
  • Environmental correlates of children’s use of active transport