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This workshop will introduce the principles of behaviour change and demonstrate how these can be applied to a range of practical problems to improve health and the delivery of health care services. Participants will be introduced to methods to:

  • Identify and analyse key behaviours in context, describing how capability, opportunity and motivation interact to
  • Identify targets for change using the COM-B model
  • Apply the Behaviour Change Wheel to develop a broad strategy for behaviour change
  • Identify specific Behaviour Change Techniques to include in interventions in the strategy

Lou Atkins PhD is a researcher, trainer and consultant in behaviour change intervention design and evaluation in health and environmental sustainability. Dr Atkins is a Senior Teaching Fellow of the Centre for Behaviour Change (University College London, UK) where she leads the teaching programme. She is also a member of the Health Psychology Research Group at University College London. Lou is also coauthor of the book Behaviour Change Wheel: A Guide to Designing Interventions.



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