Role Description: 
PAINLANG is an interdisciplinary group, including members from the disciplines of occupational therapy, linguistics, social work, psychiatry, medicine and nursing. The group is concerned with improving the understanding of the meanings of words used to describe pain, in the hope that this can assist in better remediation for the many people in pain in our communities. The group has a strong inter-cultural dimension to its work, and is currently working with colleagues from the ATSIS unit, in addition to students from a number of overseas cultures.
Group Leader:
Team Members:
Staff Members:
Prof Jenny Strong
Dr Pam Meredith
Dr Libby Gibson
Dr Monica Moran
Dr Amanda Nielsen
RHD Candidates:
Karl Bagraith
Current Projects:
  • The language of pain: The currency and effectiveness of the McGill Pain Questionnaire adjectives.
             Strong, Sussex, Mitchell, New, Murray, Hoey, Khan
  • Pain language and gender differences when describing a past pain event.
              Strong, Mathews, Sussex, New, Hoey, Mitchell
  • The language of pain used by healthy volunteers during an experimental pain task.
              Binzer, Strong, Sussex, New, Mitchell
  • A naturalistic examination of a multicisciplinary pain centre assessment day: agreement with the ICF LBP core sets.
              Bagraith, Strong, Gibson & Sussex
  • The language of pain used by Aboriginal people.
              Strong, Sussex, Nielsen, Williams, Huggins
  • The language of pain used by injured clients in the medico-legal setting.
              Strong, Sussex, Mitchell, New, Hoey