We invite children aged 7–16 with hearing loss and hearing aids/cochlear implant fitted by the age of two years, to participate in a study investigating how fitting of hearing aids may be further improved. All participants will be asked to attend three, two-hour sessions at the St Lucia campus. During the first session, the comprehensive hearing assessment will be conducted using standard clinical protocols to establish child’s type and the degree of hearing loss. During the remaining two sessions the child will be asked to listen to different sounds presented at comfortable levels via the headphones to see how well the child can:

  • hear sounds, especially when they get really quiet
  • hear the sound when a buzzing noise is played at the same time
  • pick when sounds change
  • hear and identify speech sounds

The hearing assessment will be performed at no cost. Each parent will receive a Coles-Myer voucher for the amount of $30 for the participating child. Additionally, each participating child will receive a certificate of participation.

Contact Alicja Malicka on 07 3346 7567 or email a.malicka@uq.edu.au for more information.