Enjoy a successful placement by following the advice in the Practice Manual and completing the required tasks before you start.  

Professional Practice Information Manual

Find all the information you need about requirements for your professional practice experience, download the Professional Practice Information Manual (PDF, 677KB).

Program forms and tasks

Please upload all your completed documentation (except Blue Card applications) to your Blackboard Program Community site.  Blue card applications must be submitted in hard copy to the SHRS Student and Academic Support Unit on level 3 of the Therapies Annexe Building (84).

Occupational Health and Safety Requirements

Staff and students have a responsibility to abide by policies within Occupational Health and Safety. The following link provides information to students and staff about the requirements: http://www.uq.edu.au/ohs/

Staff and students are required to report all near misses, incidents and injuries through UQ’s OHS Incident Reporting Database (UQSafe – Incident), including those that occur at a non-UQ workplace. The procedure to report an incident whilst on placement at a non-UQ site is provided here.

Student travel insurance

Automatic travel insurance coverage applies to UQ staff and currently enrolled UQ students undertaking a journey within Australia, which is more than 50km from their normal place of residence or business premises and is either:

  1. Approved University travel as per 1.90.01 UQ Travel Policy and Procedures (PPL); or
  2. Approved work off campus as per 2.30.09 Work Off-Campus Policy and Procedures (PPL).

Note: Students no longer need to complete a Travel Notification Form for domestic travel.

More information can be found regarding UQ travel insurance coverage, claims and exclusions here

International Travel

To be covered by UQ's insurance policy while undertaking approved University travel oversea students must:

  1. Complete a Travel Notification Form  
  2. Complete the Travel Checklist 

Submit your Travel Notification Form and Travel Checklist to ceu.shrs@uq.edu.au. These details will be passed on to the University's Insurance Office and you will receive a Travel Notification Number.

Concession Travel in Regional Queensland

If you are travelling to regional Queensland for your placement you are eligible to apply for a tertiary concessions sticker to go on your current student ID. For more details visit the Translink website.


Student and Academic Support Unit (SASU)
P: (07) 3365 4506
E: enquiries.shrs@uq.edu.au
A: Level 3, Therapies Annexe (building 84A), St Lucia campus