Do you or your child have difficulty hearing, talking, understanding, reading, writing, spelling?

Would you like to help improve services for people with a communication difficulty? You are invited to join The Communication Research Registry.

What is the Communication Research Registry?
  • A register of people who would like to be involved in communication research.

  • The aim of the Registry is to support ethically approved research.

  • This research will help to improve services for children and adults with communication difficulties and their families.

  • It does not cost any money to be a member.

Who is invited to join the Registry?
  • Infants, toddlers, school-aged children and adolescents who have a communication delay/difficulty.

  • Parents/guardians, siblings and other family members of children who have a communication delay/difficulty.

  • Adults with a communication difficulty. This may be as a result of stroke, traumatic brain injury, Parkinson's disease, dementia.

Registry members are:
  • Provided with information about new research projects that you may wish to be a part of

  • Invited to do research

  • Members choose what research they want to do

  • It does not matter how many studies members participate in

  • Registry members receive an annual newsletter

  • Registry members are invited to attend various functions and activities


Are you interested?
Would you like more information?
Download a brochure for Children (under 18 years) or Download a brochure for Adults

Visit our website: or

Contact:             Professor Linda Worrall

Telephone:       07 3365 2891

Fax:                    07 3355 1877


Write to:             Professor Linda Worrall
                           Communication Disability Centre
                           Division of Speech Pathology
                           School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences 
                           The University of Queensland