Aphasia United is an international peak body that was developed in 2011 to improve aphasia services and science around the world. The primary goal of Aphasia United is to drive change by bringing together the global aphasia community including researchers, aphasia clinicians, people living with aphasia and their families. In an effort to establish a common target for aphasia rehabilitation, Aphasia United has recently developed multinational clinical practice guidelines and recommendations.  The best practice recommendations include input from worldwide stakeholders, reflect current research evidence, meet standards for trustworthy guidelines, and aim to be user-friendly. This study aims to validate and explore the relevance of the Aphasia United best practice recommendations with people living with aphasia and their family members around the world. The project aims to determine if the best practice recommendations are culturally appropriate and whether they accurately reflect the service options available across countries. Furthermore, the project aims to identify and additional recommendations that would help to improve future guidelines.

Expected outcomes and deliverables:

The research scholar will have the opportunity to participate in data collection using the nominal group technique for the Australian arm of this international project. The student will also have opportunity to contribute to qualitative analysis of data.

Suitable for:

This project is open to Bachelor of Speech Pathology (Hons) or Master of Speech Pathology Studies.

Project members

Dr Sarah Wallace

Lecturer in Speech Pathology
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences