In semester one, ~40 participants will have commenced a pre-post trial investigating the effect of an exercise rehabilitation clinic in cancer patients and survivors. The aim of the winter project is to conduct the 12-week follow up assessments to investigate the long-term efficacy of the intervention.

The successful winter scholarship applicants will have the opportunity to carry out a battery of physiological, functional and psychosocial tests relevant to outcomes of the exercise clinic e.g. blood pressure, 1RM chest and leg press, grip strength, 400m walk test, disease specific quality of life questionnaires. The successful applicants will also gain experience in novel methods of measuring participants’ physical activity using accelerometry (Actigraph GT3X+) to measure sedentary behaviour and physical activity and exercise program adherence. Students will gain inter-professional experience as in addition to the primary supervision in the Division of Physiotherapy, they will also be working collaboratively with students and staff from the School of Human Movement and Nutrition Sciences.

Expected outcomes and deliverables:

Please highlight what applicants can expect to gain/learn from participating in the project, and what they will be expected to complete as a part of the project.   

Successful applicants will gain skills in data collection, physiological and functional tests performed with a clinical population, and device- and self-report measures of physical activity. Scholars may have the opportunity to contribute to publications from their research.

Suitable for:

Please highlight any particular qualities that individual supervisors are looking for in applicants to assist with the selection process. 

Students enrolled in either: (1) second or third year of the Bachelor of Physiotherapy (Honours), (2) second year of the Masters of Physiotherapy Studies or (3) students enrolled in Bachelor of Clinical Exercise Physiology (Honours) who will have completed EXMD4741 in semester 1 2018 would be suitable. Applicants with good attention to detail, ability to communicate with older adults, and who have completed a course involving gaining competency across a range of technical skills commonly used in exercise science will be looked upon favourably.

The supervisor wishes to be contacted by students prior to submitting an application for this project. Email: 

Project members

Dr Sjaan Gomersall

Lecturer in Physiotherapy
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences