Ageing is associated with cognitive changes such as memory decline, which influences the ability to learn new words. Acute exercise (one single session of exercise) is thought to influence cognition through a temporary increase in biomarker levels or through a generalized effect on arousal. The aim of this research project is to investigate the effects of acute exercise on new word learning in healthy older adults. This interdisciplinary research project combines the fields of language neuroscience, ageing and exercise. Successful applicants may be involved in recruitment, screening, testing of participants, data coding and analysis, and literature searches. A background in speech pathology, psychology, human movements or related disciplines is preferred.

Further information: 

All applicants to contact the project supervisor prior to submitting an application. Apply via UQ Advantage.

Project members

Professor David Copland

Vice-Chancellors T & R Fellowship, Deputy Chair, Research and Postgraduate Studies Committee
Vice-Chancellors T&R Fellowship
School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences
Affiliate Professor
UQ Centre for Clinical Research