Researcher biography

Occupational Therapy and Stroke Rehabilitation

Dr Gustafsson has an established research priority in the area of occupational therapy and acquired brain injury. The focus of past and current research projects includes the assessment and management of the hemiplegic upper limb, transition to home from hospital after acquired brain injury, improving participation after acquired brain injury and improving outcomes after driving cessation.

Dr Gustafsson has completed a NHMRC project grant investigating the effectiveness of a group program for older adults facing driving cessation and multiple smaller competitive grants in the area of stroke rehabilitation and recovery. She currently supervises 7 postgraduate research students and 9 undergraduate research students. She is the co leader of the Acquired Brain Injury and the driving cessation research groups within the Division of Occupational Therapy at the University of Queensland. She is also a member of the Emerging Researchers in Ageing and the Ageing Mind Initiative at the University of Queensland.

Dr Gustafsson was the OT Expert on the National Stroke Foundation working party for the development of the Clinical Guidelines for Stroke Rehabilitation and Recovery in 2005 and 2010 and is the Occupational Therapy Australia Limited representative on the Australian Stroke Coalition.

Dr Gustafsson is on the editorial board for the Australian Occupational Therapy Journal and expert reviewer for this and other international journals.